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Top 3 Stocks Set to Soar with the AI-Driven Metaverse Revolution

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Call it a stretch, but the future of AI is the metaverse. The metaverse is already powered by data centers, the cloud, and AI, and that relationship will only intensify. The metaverse is a persistent digital world that AI will help unlock, and the benefits will go both ways. As AI and the metaverse advance, 3-D visualization, computer vision, and the IoT will advance along with them. Eventually, users will be able to enter the metaverse, manipulate objects or information, and create real-world outcomes as a matter of course. These are three technology stocks well-positioned to benefit that aren't Roblox (NYSE: RBLX)

Meta Platforms Goes Virtual with Reality

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META) is leaning into virtual reality with its Quest VR headsets. The headsets provide a mixed-reality environment where users can connect to the Internet, play games, and interact with features like workout sessions. The technology is limited now, but the number of apps and features is expanding regularly. Among the noteworthy apps the headset supports is Roblox, another leader in advancing metaverse technology. Meta Platforms has also partnered with Ray-Ban to bring VR connectivity to fashion. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses can connect to the Internet and take pictures and videos, and users benefit from Meta’s AI voice-activated AI assistance. 

Analysts are optimistic about Meta’s AI prospects with or without the metaverse. Raymond James recently upped its price target, citing the company’s growing importance in AI infrastructure. Meta plans to host more than 600,000 GPUs by the end of the year, with more than half of them H100s. This sets the company up to enter the enterprise software market, expand its addressable market, and boost revenue by as much as $40 billion or 25% from 2024 levels. Raymond James raised its price target to $550 and the high-end of the target range. The consensus assumes a 3% upside and is trending higher; RJs $550 is about 10% above the current action and a new all-time high when reached. 

META Meta Platforms stock chart

Symbotic is Automating Warehouses: Technology Will be Expanded

Symbotic (NASDAQ: SYM) is now focused on automating warehouses, but its technology is advancing rapidly and will be applied to other industries. Among the possible applications are automated building and road construction. The takeaway is that Symbotic is advancing AI, computer vision, and IoT functionality with autonomous robots working together. It’s a natural progression for this technology to move into the virtual or mixed reality world and for users to manipulate the system and even individual robots as if they were the brain. 

Symbotic’s business is assured. The company’s leading clients are Walmart, Amazon, and Albertson’s; the backlog is growing. The latest results included 60% top-line growth and a wider margin, leading the analysts to raise their price targets. The revision trend is robust and suggests a deep value for investors. The consensus estimate reported by is up 100% in the last twelve months and offers a 50% upside while the stock trades below the low end of the range. 

SYM Symbotic stock chart

Apple is Advancing Virtual Reality With the Vision Pro

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) may be late in coming to the AI game, but it is not late to VR. The company has been working on this technology for years, and its launch of the Vision headset in 2023 was hailed as a watershed moment. The voice and sight-activated headset connects to the Internet and displays content overlapping the physical environment. Users can engage with the Internet and Apple’s ecosystem of products to enjoy a fully immersive experience without completely disengaging from reality. The WWDC is expected to bring numerous new products and research to light. 

The stock is poised to set a new high and could do so this week. The analysts began lifting their targets again, leading the market to the $250 range, or about 25% above the current action. Because AI is expected to boost Apple sales and profits over the next five years, the trend in analysts' sentiment is likely to continue driving this market

APPL Apple stock chart

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