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Long Island Divorce Mediators Win-Win Divorce Solutions Releases New Web Resource Offering Guidance To Divorce Mediation

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02/08/2023, Long Island // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Win-Win Divorce Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its new article, “Long Island Divorce Mediation Guide" with the purpose of helping Long Island couples navigate their divorce proceedings.

While hiring a divorce attorney is the initial step for Long Island couples, mediating the divorce has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to minimize conflict and keep costs manageable.

It eliminates the need to go through the extensive and expensive court process, helping couples to come to an agreement outside of court.

The Long Island Divorce Mediation Guide outlines some of the most common questions Long Island couples have regarding Long Island divorce mediation, including:

I. The Difference Between Divorce Attorneys and Divorce Mediators

II. The Benefits of Opting for Divorce Mediation

  • Less Expensive

  • More Flexible

  • More Collaborative

  • No Court Appearances

  • Eliminates Litigation

III. Top Questions Long Island Couples Have About Long Island Divorce Mediation

  • How Is the Division of Marital Assets and Debts Handled in Divorce Mediation

  • How Are Child Custody and Parenting Plans Determined in Divorce Mediation

  • What Is the Process for Determining Spousal Support or Alimony in Mediation

  • What Are Some Effective Communication Strategies for Divorce Mediation

  • What Are the Benefits of Mediation Over Traditional Divorce Litigation

  • How Can One Handle Difficult Emotions During the Mediation Process

  • What Should One Expect and Bring When Preparing for Mediation

  • What Is the Role of a Mediator in the Divorce Mediation Process and How Can They Help

  • What Are Some Legal and Financial Implications to Consider in Divorce Mediation

  • When Is It Appropriate to Use Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods in a Divorce Situation

By understanding the answers to these questions, Long Island couples can make a more informed decision regarding the best course of action for their divorce. This helps them to have a clear understanding of the Long Island divorce mediation process and work towards achieving a win-win outcome for both parties.

“Our goal is to provide couples with a practical guide on how to manage their divorce in the most cost-effective and amicable way”, said Win-Win Divorce Solutions Co-founder and mediator Jeffrey Savitt. “We want to empower people by providing them with information so they can make better decisions when it comes to their divorce.”

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About Win-Win Divorce Mediation Long Island

Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLCDBA Win-Win Divorce Mediation Long Island isn’t just a divorce mediators business name, it is our pledge to you. We are committed to making every divorce mediation client a winner with a fair and equitable Divorce Settlement that will stand the test of time and provide you with a fresh start. We normally focus all of our divorce mediation energy on serving our clients, so it is our hope this About Us information will help you get to know us a little better.

Realistically, there is nothing to fear about divorce mediation. Our clients say, the toughest part was actually making the decision to start the process together. After experiencing multiple perspectives of the divorce process and hearing horror stories involving litigation, we were convinced that there had to be a sane alternative to the taxing, traditional divorce. There was, and it was a unique process of collaborative co-mediation. In 2012, we both challenged ourselves to be part of this amazing solution.

Meet the Mediators:

  • Bradley Berfas — A seasoned general attorney and mediator with expertise in negotiation and collaboration, interpersonal relations, and the art of effective listening. Follow on LinkedIn

  • Jeffrey Savitt — A professional Divorce Mediator with an exceptional negotiation/ collaboration skill set who possesses a clinical and diagnostic background as a Medical Case Worker and an MSW degree. Follow on LinkedIn

For more information or to schedule a free consultation:

Phone: (516) 960-7667/ (855) 268-4946

Follow on Facebook: Win-Win Divorce Mediation Long Island

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