The 6 Most Iconic Celebrities in Fashion History

The 6 Most Iconic Celebrities in Fashion HistoryPhoto by zhengtao tang

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So many celebrities have influenced fashion throughout the years. Pop stars and movie stars were the original influencers (and some still hold influence to this day). Who are your favorite icons in fashion history?

We’ve got a list of some of our favorite style icons in Hollywood who made a name for themselves with their iconic looks.

Keep reading for a few of our favorites (in no particular order).

1. Lady Gaga

We need to get the Lady herself out of the way before moving on. While not everyone appreciated her styles throughout the years (especially the controversial “meat dress“) but no one can deny that the girl’s got style.

She updates her look every time she comes back into the public eye, making her somewhat of a chameleon of the fashion world.

She’s still a popular music star and if you’re so inclined you can easily find her autographs for sale online with one of her iconic looks on the photo.

2. Prince

Prince himself was an icon with or without his fashion sense. There’s something about the single-word name: Prince, that makes him seem almost untouchable.

Prince was special. His clothing was unconventional and he presented himself as a healthy mix of masculine and feminine. His androgynous fashion styles made him unique and they inspire people to this day.

3. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was an icon of her time. She was an expert in both casual wear and high fashion, wearing everything from plain tops and dresses to Givenchy depending on the occasion.

Everyone knows her little black dress look and her bold and often floral patterns. She never had a hair out of place. Many shops still use her image today to inspire customers to buy their clothing.

4. Diana Ross

Diana Ross was a champion of fun and wild fashion that ran from “total costume” to “super casual”. She often blended the 2 together.

She had fabulous hairstyles, bold prints and colors, and knew when to “dress down”, so to speak. She inspired many of the popular disco looks that followed her through the era.

5. Madonna 

Another single-word icon, Madonna was the icon of the eighties and nineties. She was the Gaga of her time, never afraid to push boundaries and try new styles that were sure to be controversial. Everyone knows about her famous cone bra.

She still surprises people with her fashion sense even though she’s mostly fallen out of the music world.

6. Paris Hilton

This may be a controversial opinion, but Paris Hilton inspired a lot of the early 2000s fashion trends.

While she’s successful in her own right now, at the time she was just an heiress that people mocked for her vocal fry and lax attitude. Mocked or not, her casual wear inspired teens and young adults worldwide. She was into the velour tracksuits (in hot pink, of course) and the tacky sequined and bedazzled pants.

She was a bottle platinum blonde who kept things simple. As Paris would say: that’s hot.

Style Icons Through Fashion History: Who’s Your Favorite?

Not everyone is going to love every icon in fashion history, but there’s no denying that their unique looks were influential to the fashions of their times (and even today).

These Hollywood stars knew how to rock a runway or a red carpet and they weren’t afraid to stand out.

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