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Immortalité Breaks World Record for Biological Age Reduction with an Astonishing 8.4 Years in Just 8 Weeks

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HONOLULU - Nov. 8, 2023 - PRLog -- Immortalité, a pioneering Hawaiian company in the field of longevity and age-reversal technologies, has achieved a remarkable milestone by shattering the previous world record for epigenetic age reduction. The previous record, set at 5.1 epigenetic years in 7 months, has now been broken in a fraction of the time, with Immortalité's groundbreaking achievement of 8.4 years biologically younger in just 8 weeks.

This extraordinary accomplishment marks a significant breakthrough in the quest for extending human lifespan and reversing the aging process. It showcases Immortalité's dedication to advancing cutting-edge science and technology to help people live healthier, longer lives.

Epigenetic age reduction is a revolutionary approach that targets the biological markers of aging at the cellular level, offering the potential to turn back the clock on biological age. "It's more than a World Record or a great score on paper. My DNA verifies that my body is now operating and regenerating at a younger age. I can feel it. It's incredible," says Kory Martin Juul, who set the new World Record. Immortalité's innovative methodology and commitment to regeneration have propelled them to the forefront of this emerging field.

Yelena Budovskaya PhD scientist and CEO of TruMe Labs, the laboratory who measured the record breaking results, expressed her excitement about this monumental achievement: "DNA methylation is the gold standard test for accurately measuring aging markers on DNA and our company has been diligently working to make these tests accessible for everyone. Breaking the previous record in epigenetic age reduction at such a speed is a massive advancement for human longevity. This is just the beginning, and we're committed to our partner Immortalité to push the boundaries even further so everyone can benefit."

The 8 week transformation was both supervised and documented online.  The changes Juul saw were not only remarkable improvements in his epigenetic age but also in overall health and vitality.

"We focus on balance and Immortalité's nutraceutical products are designed to work with the body a little each day. Like brushing your teeth, it's a 'slow and steady wins the race' approach. Breaking this world record accurately demonstrates the power of our technologies when we go all out. I never dreamed of being involved in something like this, but I think of it like car racing or the space race, and all the advancements that end up benefiting everyone from pushing boundaries," Juul continued. "I can't believe the transformation I've undergone in such a short period. I feel more energetic. I look younger, and my overall health has improved."

Immortalité's breakthrough has caught the attention of leading longevity scientists, health experts, and the global longevity community.  "Scientists want to know how this was done," continued Juul. "Our initial protocol was online in the form of our Transformative Longevity Program, but now we're moving to a more hands on and personalized experience for individuals."

The company is now seeking investment to open a world class center in Honolulu for individuals from around the world to experience their accelerated age-reversal program in person. Immortalité remains committed to making their discoveries accessible to everyone, however, and their nutraceutical products are available online so everyone can enjoy longer and more quality years at

About Immortalité: Immortalité is a Hawaii based longevity company dedicated to advancing the science of age reversal and human lifespan extension. By combining cutting-edge research in Regenerative Agriculture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Blue Zone Centenarian knowledge, three separate fields that are unique in Hawai'i, Immortalité has activated the regenerative process in the human body and is committed to helping people live longer and more quality years. The company's recent achievement of reducing epigenetic age by 8.4 years in just 8 weeks has garnered international attention and positioned the company as a leader in the field of anti-aging technologies.

Kory Martin Juul
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