Maxim's +3.3V Standard-Definition Video Filters Reduce Cost and Save Power in Set-Top-Box and Portable Applications

Maxim Integrated Products (PINKSHEETS: MXIM) introduces the MAX9583–MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524 family of standard-definition (SD) video filters

Synopsis for Investor:
--  These devices are ideal for use in set-top boxes, portable consumer
    applications, and car navigation systems.
--  Customers using traditional +5V designs can switch to these +3.3V
    video filters to save power and lower costs.
--  The 9mm2 microMAX package (MAX9584) saves more than 50% board space
    compared to a competitive device.
--  In applications where the input signal is not between ground and
    approximately +1V, the MAX9524/MAX9586/MAX9587/MAX9588/MAX9589
    eliminate the need for external clamping circuits, thus saving
    space and cost.

Priced very competitively, these devices are available in single-, dual-, triple-, and quad-channel configurations. They filter CVBS, Y/C, RGB, and Y-Pb-Pr video signals. Each device can operate from a single +3.3V supply, thereby significantly reducing power consumption when compared to competing +5V solutions (See Figure 1).

The Traditional Design for Set-Top Box Video Filters

Historically, the video filters and amplifiers in a set-top box operated from +5V supplies and, in some cases, +/-5V. Customers who only used +5V for video can now eliminate these supplies, design in the MAX9583-MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524, and operate from +3.3V.

Technical Advances of These SD Video Filters

"These unique video filters allow customers to save space, reduce power consumption, and in some cases, remove their existing +5V supplies," said Jerome McFarland, a Business Manager for the Company's video filter products. "These SD video filters are also priced competitively enough for cost-driven consumer markets," McFarland added.

When used in set-top boxes, the inputs on the MAX9583/MAX9584/MAX9585 and MAX9517 can be directly connected to the outputs of a video digital-to-analog converter (DAC), if the video signal is between ground and approximately +1V. The MAX9586/MAX9587*/MAX9588/MAX9589 and the MAX9524, however, have AC-coupled inputs which eliminate the need for external clamping circuits in applications where the input signal is not between ground and approximately +1V.

To minimize power consumption in portable devices, the MAX9586 (single-channel) and MAX9517/MAX9524 (dual analog-switch extensions of the MAX9586) also feature a shutdown mode. The two SPST analog switches on the MAX9517/MAX9524 provide integration and flexibility in circuit design and allow routing of stereo audio, video, or digital signals. The MAX9517/MAX9524, for example, can be configured as a 2:1 video mux. The MAX9524 can be used in security/CCTV cameras to drive S-video signals with night-vision support (C-mute) (See Figure 2).

The video output amplifiers of the MAX9583-MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524 source and sink load current, allowing output loads to be DC- or AC-coupled. Each amplifier provides a fixed gain of +6dB. Also, if the supply voltage is greater than +3.135V (5% below a +3.3V supply), each amplifier can drive two DC-coupled video loads to ground.

Suitable for a Broader Range of Applications

The small size and low-power consumption of these devices also make them widely applicable to a number of other end products. Additional examples include notebook computers, televisions, DVD players, GPS, and car navigation systems.

The MAX9583-MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524 operate from a +2.7V to +3.6V single supply and are specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius automotive temperature range. These devices are offered in space-saving SOT23, microMAX®, and TQFN packages. The 9mm2 microMAX package is more than 50% smaller than the competitive 20mm2 package (See Figure 3).

Samples and evaluation kits are available now. Prices start at $0.36 for the MAX9586, $0.49 for the MAX9583/MAX9587, $0.59 for the MAX9584/MAX9588, $0.69 for the MAX9585/MAX9589, and $0.55 for the MAX9517/MAX9524 (1000-up, FOB USA). For more information please visit:

Figure 1:
Figure 2:
Figure 3:

*Future product -- contact factory for availability.

microMAX is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

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