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Affordable and Convenient: The Benefits of Poly Bags for Shipping and Where to Find Them

Affordable and Convenient: The Benefits of Poly Bags for Shipping and Where to Find ThemPhoto from Unsplash

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If your business deals with small or lightweight items, you will end up wasting money if you opt for cardboard boxes for your shipping needs. Cardboard boxes are made from corrugated material and are generally more expensive than other packaging items. Thus, you need a cheaper alternative. Lo and behold, poly bags & liners.

Shipping box in a bag? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The term poly bag is used for any bags made of plastic but generally refers to polyethylene bags. It is a popular packaging material that is cheap, flexible, and sturdy to handle objects of all shapes and sizes. Thus, you need to buy shipping bags.

Cheap poly bags for shipping are ideal, as they are available in multiple sizes, and the hydrocarbon molecular structure of polyethylene plastic ensures your product doesn’t get damaged during transit.

Wholesale baggies or shipping poly is usually a clear or transparent bag used to ship various items. Most bags to ship are made of polyethylene plastic (PE) because of its superior quality. Aside from being inexpensive, PE is chemically resistant; thus, it can survive any environmental hazard. Moreover, the higher tensile strength ensures it doesn’t get punctured easily, and the content remains dry and protected.

Now that we have discussed the various benefits of cheap poly bags for shipping, let’s discuss the different types and answer the question, “where can I buy plastic bags in bulk.”

Different Types of Poly Bags and Their Uses

The two major types of shipping poly bags are flat and gusseted.

  • Flat poly bags:These bags can be used virtually in any industry. Flat poly bags are made from seamless tubing, ensuring they can be stored flat when empty or filled. They have 2 dimensions, width and length, and can be used to ship and store various consumer and commercial packaging items. Moreover, flat lay poly bags and liners are approved by the FDA and are used in the food and beverage industry. Aside from this, they are used in hospitals, electronics, and agriculture.
  • Gusseted poly bags:also known as flat-bottom bags, these shipping bags are made with a tucked-in pleat and pressed flat; thus, they acquire a rectangular shape when filled. They are better for shipping and storage as they have a higher capacity and can be expanded. They are used for food and electronic storage and even in hospitals.

Both poly bags and liners can be stapled, tied, heat sealed, or taped shut for a secure close end.

Where Can I Buy Plastic Bags in Bulk?

Are you wondering where to buy poly bags? The answer is simple. You can check out your local plastic bag distributors’ wholesale markets, or you can do your research and check out packaging suppliers online. Online vendors are favorable because they have multiple discounts and promotions on wholesale baggies.

Moreover, they offer a one-stop shop platform where you can buy large plastic bags with all extra packing material together and get a good deal on the price. For instance, if you are heat sealing your poly bags and liners, you need a bag sealer.

Also, the type of product you are packing will determine the size and type of shipping poly bags required. Thus, consult professional packaging suppliers and make an informed decision.


We hope this answers your queries regarding cheap poly bags for shipping and how to get shipping bags. Shipping poly is a great and cheap alternative to cardboard boxes and enables businesses to ship and store small, lightweight items without worrying about damage as a result of external factors.

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