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How to make your Instagram page grow quickly in 2022

Social media management is a whole difficult process to take a grip on, and it is totally understandable why people prefer using the help of specialists to put their pages in order. However, not everybody has a budget for that, and most of the time people have to figure out what to do with their pages by themselves. There is also a common misunderstanding that novices have no chance to skyrocket through Instagram, which is not true. Today, in 2022, the social media promotion sphere has grown tangibly and offers many free and paid tools to make an Insta resource grow and gain a stable audience without any huge effort put in. In this text, we will review them and talk about the possibility to buy real Instagram followers. Why did it happen and what do experts say about the possibility to take on paid subs?

First of all, we’d like to note the high importance of working on the visuals and always having a plan for everything. Some people think that promotion is a very “go with the flow” thing, which is totally not true – the best managers are always having a content plan ready (sometimes several months ahead) and a list of topics they’d like to tick while posting and interacting with an audience. However, regular people often make that mistake by not picking a style for their publications straight ahead and not posting regularly and decently – and this is the main factor that stops them from giving their profiles a good boost from the very start.

So if you don’t know where to start and what to do, hire a graphic designer or a social media manager, or pick an earthy minimalist palette which seems to be a universal thing to stick by if you’re new on Insta. It is easy, it is always kind to the eyes and people definitely count it as a trend. So check that point and only after that move forward.

The next extra important thing is figuring out the right timing for posts. Most specialists claim that it is nice to post somewhere between 2 and 5 p.m., and some say that there is no such thing as decent timing, but we’d say that it is correct to follow somebody from your niche on Instagram and note when they are putting forward new content. You can use this knowledge to create a blueprint of your own posting schedule and understand your audience, when it is most active, what it wants to see at each time of the day and when you should never post anything because they simply won’t see it in their feeds. Some managers say that it is nice for newcomers to post on Wednesdays and on Saturdays, as on those days most bloggers are inactive, whilst people want to see some fresh content.

If you see that you’re lacking an audience and you cannot put up with it any other way, you should definitely think about the possibility to buy Instagram followers. Basically, taking on some paid subscribers is a thing that every blogger who’s looking for nice results should use as soon as possible. Before that, you should make sure that your account has enough posts so that people would understand who you are and what you are doing on this platform, but right after that, you’re free to go and look for a company that will sell you, nice quality subscribers.

Those will help you to build a decent base that you will be able to rely on later. Real bought subs (that are people who are keen on working with promotional companies for a nice reward afterward) can nicely improve the online statistics that you have and build up your reputation – everybody around you will see it as natural and quite impressive growth. There is literally no reason to ignore that service – you should include it into your promotional plan and do it before you set a targeted ad or ask for PR from bloggers. People who will come to your profile because of those ads should see that you have a decent follower base to perceive your content as interesting and valuable.

If you combine all of the methods that we have described in this text, you will surely be able to reach great results: start from the free methods and proceed to the paid ones when your profile is organized and ready. If you see that you’re not able to handle something, delegate it to professionals and never underestimate the amount of help that a pro-social media manager can give you. However, to save money, it is very wise and safe to use a chance to purchase followers or likes, and if you do everything right you will never feel sorry for that later.

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