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authID Selected by National Notarial Centralized Verification System For Secure Biometric Identity Assurance

Best-in-class identity fraud prevention, coupled with a secure, frictionless user experience
 to fortify a revolutionary online notary platform

Denver, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- authID Inc. (Nasdaq: AUID), a leading provider of secure, biometric identity verification and authentication solutions and National Notarial Centralized Verification System (NNCVS), today announced that NNCVS will deploy authID’s biometric identity life-cycle platform to provide real-time identity assurance to the company’s innovative online technology platform for commissioned notaries and their clients. With increasing frequency of social engineering fraud, deepfakes, and ransomware attacks, NNCVS selected authID’s for its ability to stop fraud, detect deepfakes, and combat adversarial generative AI, all while delivering a fast, seamless user authentication experience. 

Providing the first-ever nationwide verification system for notaries, the NNCVS platform is transforming the current ‘localized and in-person’ notary industry into a robust national online service that makes notarization faster, more efficient, and more secure. Offering 24/7 access, NNCVS authenticates notary agent and signer identities and facilitates data sharing among notaries in real-time, while maintaining high-security protocols to protect against fraud.

“authID’s next-gen biometric identity platform is paramount to our mission to revolutionize the notary industry by providing strong identity assurance that prevents fraudulent account openings and phishing-related account takeovers, while delivering the convenience today’s online users expect,” said Stefan Perez Tejera, CEO of National Notarial Centralized Verification System. “Together, NNCVS and authID are driving high identity trust in our platform, so our valued network of notaries public, lawyers, and signing agents can easily provide their verified customers with safe notary services.”

NNCVS will leverage authID’s biometric and document-based identity verification to verify identities of new notarial agents and their clients with speed and high identity assurance.  During online onboarding, authID delivers a strong biometric root of trust identity through automated document verification of 13,800 US and international government-issued ID documents, detecting and thwarting deepfakes, injection attacks and presentation attacks with PAD (Presentation Attack Detection) Level 2 accuracy, and processing a biometric matching of a selfie to the credential photo.

authID’s life-cycle identity platform delivers continuous security of the entire NNCVS user journey with seamless biometric authentication and an indisputable biometric audit trail that eliminates the risks and hassles of entering easily stolen one-time PINs or recalling easily hacked secret questions or personal information. authID authenticates the identity of the true account owner every time with the ease of a quick selfie captured and validated in 700 milliseconds—the fastest on the market— thus delivering the fast, frictionless, and precise user identity authentication demanded by today’s digital ecosystems.

“authID ensures that digital enterprises ‘Know Who Is Behind the Device’ during onboarding and throughout the user journey to prevent cybercriminals from impersonating users, deploying deepfakes, or performing account takeovers and seizing assets,” said Rhon Daguro CEO of authID. “We are excited to help National Notarial Centralized Verification System revolutionize the notary industry by delivering the highest levels of identity trust with market leading speed, precision and accuracy, while deepening user trust with frictionless identity experiences.”

About authID

authID (Nasdaq: AUID) ensures cyber-savvy enterprises “Know Who’s Behind the Device” for every customer or employee login and transaction. Through its easy-to-integrate, patented, biometric identity platform, authID quickly and accurately verifies a user’s identity, eliminating any assumption of ‘who’ is behind a device and preventing cybercriminals from taking over accounts. authID combines digital onboarding, FIDO2 login, and biometric authentication and account recovery, with a fast, accurate, user-friendly experience – delivering identity verification in 700ms. Establishing a biometric root of trust for each user that is bound to their accounts and provisioned devices, authID stops fraud at onboarding, eliminates password risks and costs, and provides the faster, frictionless, and more accurate user identity experience demanded by operators of today’s digital ecosystems. For more information, go to

About National Notarial Centralized Verification System

The National Notarial Centralized Verification System (NNCVS) is an all-in-one platform for commissioned notaries, offering a remote online notarization platform, e-journal, ID verification, and instant communication, along with a national document vault and unlimited remote sessions in one subscription. NNCVS authenticates signer identities, records notarial acts in a national registry and personal e-journal and enhances notary protection by facilitating data sharing among notaries. Designed to revolutionize the notary industry, the NNCVS platform offers multiple benefits and protects notaries and people seeking notarization or archive of their vital documents such as last testament, will, health proxy, trust, and many others. For more information, go to

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