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DealerTeam Shifts Gears to MariaDB Enterprise Server in the Cloud

Dealerships gain better quality reporting and insights between departments while cutting costs in half

MariaDB plc (NYSE:MRDB) today announced that DealerTeam, a cloud-based dealership management system built on Salesforce®, is driving MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud deployed on MariaDB SkySQL running on AWS. By selecting MariaDB Enterprise Server as a fully managed cloud database service, DealerTeam aids its car dealerships with a better process and workflow management by connecting all departments with a 360-degree view of any customer.

DealerTeam provides the first cloud-based dealership management system built on the Salesforce Platform. The management system includes an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that brings together the dealership’s sales, finance, service and parts operation teams. By utilizing an automotive ERP solution, real-time data and insights unite the different dealership departments. As a result, dealerships can offer a superior, seamless car buying experience.

DealerTeam upgraded its accounting application within its ERP solution from a self-managed

MariaDB Community Server to fully managed MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud for its enterprise reliability, stability, and long-term maintenance. With this change, DealerTeam experienced enterprise uptime, improved performance, and quicker access to reporting, ultimately resulting in a more personalized customer experience.

“DealerTeam recently merged with DealerStar to combine the advanced dealership accounting software built by industry expert Sandi Jerome with our platform-first product. Our initiative is to scale with confidence and SkySQL was a natural fit to facilitate our infrastructure growth,” said Jarrett Kuljis, founder of DealerTeam. “No other solution compared to MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud with SkySQL. The service quickly proved to be the best cloud deployment option for us. In addition to gaining automation and replication benefits, we are able to run the advanced workloads with dependable support.”

By moving to a fully managed cloud database service, SkySQL, DealerTeam added new DevOps efficiencies, including the ability to create and provision resources on demand, automate testing and traditional DevOps lifecycle, handle regression testing and ultimately release products quicker. This additional agility gained from SkySQL helped move DealerTeam’s business forward, faster than ever before.

MariaDB SkySQL is a fully managed multicloud database service for MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, Xpand. SkySQL combines MariaDB MaxScale for automatic failover and a Kubernetes operator for self-healing with deep database expertise that makes customers unstoppable.

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All green lights for @DealerTeam! By shifting to @MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud with SkySQL, DealerTeam adds automation and replication benefits, new DevOps efficiencies, and enhanced reporting and insights for dealerships.


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