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Why Foremost Lithium (NASDAQ:FMST) Could Play A Key Role In Supporting The Growth Of The EV Market And Meeting Sustainability Goals

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2023 / The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is no longer just a dot on the horizon. It's here.

With projections indicating that 75% of vehicles could be EVs by 2050, the race to decarbonize the world is in full swing. Central to this transformation is the lithium-ion battery market, anticipated to reach a sizable $182.53 billion by 2030.

But what powers these batteries? The answer lies in the complex process of producing lithium oxide (Li2O) and lithium hydroxide (LiOH).

The Lithium Production Process

Emergent EV industry leader Foremost Lithium Resource & Technology Ltd (NASDAQ:FMST)(CSE:FAT) specializes in extracting lithium oxide. This chemical compound is then converted into lithium hydroxide, which is crucial for high-energy-density batteries that power modern EVs.

The process involves mining lithium-rich pegmatite deposits, refining the extracted lithium to produce lithium oxide, and then refining it further to produce the high-quality lithium hydroxide required for EV batteries. In other words, Foremost Lithium is among a short list of companies capable of providing 6% battery grade, high-quality lithium required for electric vehicles.

Direct From The Source

The rapid growth of the EV market brings with it challenges, not least of which is the looming scarcity of lithium. To mitigate supply risks, it's become more important for battery and EV manufacturers to secure their raw materials directly from miners and junior explorers. Such direct relationships ensure a consistent, high-quality supply, potentially reduce costs and foster collaborative innovations.

Foremost Lithium - with its expansive 43,000 acres in the "Lithium Lane Properties" - is an ideal partner in this endeavor, offering manufacturers a reliable source of premium lithium in an ever-expanding North American market.

Notably, Foremost Lithium is strategically located near the NAFTA superhighway, a pivotal piece of infrastructure in the EV supply chain. Connecting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, this superhighway streamlines the transportation of lithium, batteries and finished EVs. For Foremost Lithium and its partners, this means faster delivery times, reduced transportation costs and a competitive edge in the market.

EVs Charging Ahead

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has emphasized the importance of electric vehicles in reaching net zero by 2050. To stay on track, electric vehicles must be an ever-increasing portion of vehicle sales throughout the next few years, which translates to an equally growing demand for the high-quality 6% battery-grade lithium Foremost Lithium can provide.

By the end of 2023, analysts predict a total of 14 million electric vehicles will be sold, but the IEA's roadmap says we need 2 billion battery electric vehicles to hit net zero. If we want to achieve that lofty goal, EV manufacturers will need to dramatically ramp up production, which means they need a reliable lithium provider capable of scaling alongside that massive demand.

To put this into perspective, just one of Foremost Lithium's 40 dykes has enough lithium carbonate to manufacture 400,000 Tesla Inc. car batteries.

Powering The Power Source

An electric car's lithium-ion battery holds about 8 kg of lithium. With global reserves at 20 billion kg, this means we could potentially produce almost 2.5 billion batteries necessary to meet the IEA's 2 billion EV goal.

However, not all lithium is destined for EV batteries. It's also used for other devices like laptops and phones, as well as the manufacturing of planes, trains and bikes. Additionally, while the sheer volume of global reserves might seem promising, the true challenge lies in sourcing high-quality lithium suitable for battery production.

In this high-stakes race, Foremost Lithium emerges as a pivotal player. With their expertise in extracting premium lithium and their strategic position in North America along the NAFTA superhighway, they're not only meeting current demand but also building the infrastructure for the industry's future, ensuring a consistent supply for EVs across North America.

A Greener Future

As EVs captivate the world's attention, the broader vision of Foremost Lithium goes beyond vehicles. The company's focus is on powering a healthy, carbon-conscious planet.

With the promise to drastically curtail greenhouse gas emissions, EVs are key to this mission. But Foremost Lithium is producing sustainable power solutions for the journey and the destination, aiming to bolster North American energy autonomy and become a central player in the worldwide initiative against climate change.

As we accelerate toward a greener future, Foremost Lithium is leading the charge.

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