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Against the Current: Rediscovering Forgotten Cures in the Shadow of Big Pharma

It is like a powerful voracious whirlpool sucking you under, slowly cutting off your oxygen. When the  Oncologists let you know the results of their tests, they typically proclaim you have 1 or 3 or 6 months to live thereby condemning you to an early death. Why fight it? After all they are the self-proclaimed cancer experts, aren’t they.

In the early years of the 21st century, it’s very common to know friends and relatives succumbing to this dreaded disease. Why so many people are afflicted and suffer when our Healthcare system has had over a century to deal with it and come up with a cure? Meanwhile they are treating the disease primarily with patented chemo drugs, radiation, and surgery each very dangerous to healthy cells.

The Author is frequently asked about his medical or scientific background to justify his expertise on cancer. He humbly responds by saying his expertise is in research which means he must spend considerable time discovering the top experts in each field as well as key Directors to get an overview of the Medical direction and developments. For this book, he points to Neurogenic doctors who have focused on natural cures although many were ostracized from practicing in the US after the new Orthodox Health system took control. Kenneth Anton has another advantage and that is to speak on the same level as most people like him with an open mind, not bogged down by esoteric technicalities. His core belief is “Be prepared to make your own health decisions.” And that is what he deeply hopes this book will lead to.

The most rewarding result of his intensive research was the discovery of Dr Otto Warburg, a Biochemist with two Nobel Prizes for his brilliant discovery of the cause of cancer and a proposal for its Prevention, all accomplished in the early 20th century. In fact his method of Prevention is detailed in the book, included a diet with Respiratory Enzymes. 

Despite his discoveries Dr Warburg was totally ignored by the American Medical System except for Dr Dean Burke of the National Cancer Institute who was a close friend and had great respect for Dr Warburg.

Another focus of the book, is a spotlight on Big Pharma, the large Drug companies at the core of our current Healthcare System accounting for the high cost of treating cancer and most other diseases.  Many have observed and commented on this anomaly stating it’s “more rewarding to treat cancer than to cure it”.  So sad for those afflicted with little hope of recovery.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of a Healthcare system focused on profits rather than treatment, the Author encourages readers to observe and appreciate the natural healers and dedicated doctors who must leave the US to carry on their practice which they do willingly. He praises Dr Otto Warburg who has proven there are practical, inexpensive cures for cancer and inspires all people to follow him.

Also embedded in the book are three stories of couples facing the travesty of cancer. This unusual approach offers a break in the lengthy proceedings of the book and brings it closer to human experience.

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