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The Inevitable Calamity: Planning For Great Collapse by Philip Webb

Time to Wake up...

Sleepwalking into a collapse in society can occur when individuals or groups fail to recognize the signs of impending doom and continue to engage in behaviors that contribute to the downfall of society.

Many factors can contribute to societal collapse, including economic, environmental, social, and political factors. Economic factors such as financial instability, debt, and income inequality can create social unrest and instability. Environmental factors such as climate change, resource depletion, and natural disasters can also contribute to societal collapse by disrupting food production and access to essential resources.

Social factors such as political polarization, social inequality, and lack of trust in institutions can create a sense of social disintegration and fragmentation, leading to a breakdown in social cohesion and collective action. Political factors such as corruption, authoritarianism, and lack of accountability can also contribute to the collapse of society by eroding democratic norms and values.

The social riots, found in many countries, are an indicator that things are not correct, that people feel frightened or angry, and this can lead to significant instability that affects the lives of everyone. Are you prepared? Asks Philip Webb, who has authored a book dealing with the practical steps and considerations needed to protect yourselves and your families in times of societal stress and breakdown.

The book covers fundamental difficulties that plague people's lives, including financial breakdown, inflation, food, drinkable water, safety, and transportation. It is one of the best books about practical and pragmatic planning for your survival.

To prevent sleepwalking into a societal collapse, individuals and groups need to recognize the warning signs of societal collapse and take action to address them. The book encourages readers to prepare for potential challenges rather than wait until too late.

Time to wake up, says Philip, and focus on what we need to survive the inevitable Calamity.

"The Inevitable Calamity: Planning for the Greater Collapse" is a valuable resource that can help readers navigate the challenges of modern life. It is one of the best survival guidebooks and nonfiction books about survival that can prepare readers for how to survive a disaster. The book is now available in bookstores and online retailers, including Amazon.

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