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iTechshark Sees Enormous Growth Since Apple Stores Closed for the Pandemic

Apple stores closed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. What now? iTechshark, a Ballwin, MO company, alleviates repair concerns and sees huge growth.


Ballwin, MO, November 6, 2020 – COVID-19 took everyone by surprise, including tech-giants, like Apple. With Apple stores closing everywhere, with a new wave of iPhones launching, there are concerns about where people can purchase, sell, and repair their Apple devices.

iTechshark has you covered. Located in the St. Louis area, we’ve just opened our largest store to meet any repair or service demands you may have.

How iTechshark has Grown 

iTechshark has had a wild year. In an attempt to make our products and services more convenient, we’ve consolidated our five locations to one large store in Ballwin.

A bigger store means bigger opportunities. We’ve added more staff to come alongside us and make repairs quicker and easier than ever before.

Further, we’ve added a full-service drive-thru to create a contact-less repair experience. But that doesn’t make our service any less personal.

On the contrary, we are committed to helping you learn the ins-and-outs of your devices. Our staff aims to equip you with the knowledge to keep your device in working order. Which is why we have over a thousand reviews on Google and Facebook combined.

That means we aren’t going to just fix the device, throw you a bill, and send you on your merry way. We are going to walk you through every step we took to fix your device and provide action steps to make sure whatever caused the problem doesn’t happen again.

Why do we do that? Because we know these devices are essential for every-day life.

We teach you so that you can fix the every-day issues that may arise. And you can have peace of mind that if a major issue does arise, we have your back.

Services We Provide

At iTechshark we cater to every need you may have as an Apple consumer. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

We Repair iPhones and Macs

The iTechshark team has Certified Apple Technicians available to repair your Apple devices. iPhones? Check. iPads? Macs? Apple Watches? Check, check, check.

Being “Certified” doesn’t mean that we just have the experience and tools to fix Apple devices. It means we’ve gone through an Apple created program to learn how to fix and repair their specific devices.

Here’s the best part: since we don’t work for Apple(or any other corporate enterprise), we can repair and fix your devices for less. You can add this to our personal guarantee: any repair we make, and you’re going to know we’ve got your back.

Corporate and Non-Profit Repair Program

Everyone should have accessibility to fast, affordable repairs. That’s why iTechshark offers a tremendous repair program for corporations and non-profits.

Our vision for the program is to make your repair experience as convenient as possible. This program entails: customized billing, scheduled pick-up/drop-off service, and can add personalized software to cater to your business’s needs.

If you need repairs for your devices, our hope is to offer you service that’s convenient and affordable. Reach out for a personalized, no-obligation quote today.

We Sell Apple Products

From the newest iPhone to refurbished iPads, we offer a massive selection of Apple products at or below retail prices.

So what does that mean for you? You can get the best Apple devices without a hefty upfront cost. Better yet, by offering older models– back to the iPhone 5– we have prices that beat out all our other local competitors.

Customer Convenience and Care

Part of the reason we’ve been around as long as we have is that we’re dedicated to serving any and all in the St. Louis area. Here are just a few ways you can conveniently connect with us.

Call Us

If you’ve got a simple question or concern, give us a call! You can reach out at (314)-202-4444. If we aren’t around, we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

Set Up an Appointment Online

Our online questionnaire is simple and easy to use. We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you to come in and ask questions about your device.

Better yet, if you’ve diagnosed the issue, you can come by our secure drop-off drive-thru, and we’ll contact you when the repair is done. No contact needed.

Drop By as We’re Open!

It seems unlikely Apple stores will reopen so long as the pandemic continues.

If you need in-store repairs, we offer it. We’ve instilled safety precautions to help keep our store safe. Don’t hesitate to visit, as we’re committed to keeping you and our staff healthy through this season.

Never Feel Pressured to Purchase

There’s a stigma that modern devices are built to break as soon as the next model arrives. Our goal is to break that stigma.

If you’re feeling pressured to purchase a new device, even though you spent good money on the last one, bring it to us. Our Technicians are trained to fix the devices you have– not sell you on an upgrade, like other big-brand stores.

Repairing is Better for the Environment than Replacing

There will always be situations where your phone or device can’t be repaired.

Did it take a trip through the wash? Did it slip out of Santa’s pocket as he climbed down the chimney? Maybe it met the back-tire on a misadventure in the driveway.

Regardless, if you can bring it to us, we’re going to do our darndest to put it back in working order. And before we make that plunge to repair, we’ll give you all the options and the costs and time associated with each.

Our main goal is to make sure your repair or purchase is an informed one. And if it’s worth it for you to purchase a new device, we’ve got stock to let you do just that.

If you need service for your device, don’t hesitate to ask. You’d be surprised just what we’ve repaired and for a cost lower than you may expect.

We’ve Helped Thousands, Let Us Help You

That’s right– thousands have trusted us with their devices, and they have rave reviews. Don’t take us at face value– check for yourself!

We Also Buy Used Devices

That’s right– if you’re making the transition for this year’s model, we buy used devices. We offer great prices or trade-in prices to make the transition easier.

The best part is we can give you estimates quickly and easily online. No calling or coming into the store necessary!

Here’s a link where you can input your device, year, and condition to get an idea of how much you could get.

Used Apple Devices and Estimates

We buy and sell used devices for a few reasons.

If it ain’t broke, why pitch it? It’s sustainable to keep these products in circulation.

Second, it gives you options to match your budget and needs. Only you can determine that, which is why we like to have multiple options available.

We can offer up to $7,500 for specific Macs, over $2,400 for MacBook Pro’s, and over $800 for iPhone 11 pros.

Yes, you read that right. By selling a model of iPhone from just last year, you could cover nearly the entire purchase of this year’s iPhone 12.

Think your device is too old for us to want? Probably not — we currently purchase iPhones back to the iPhone 5. A high-quality device like an iPhone retains its value longer than you’d imagine.

iPads are similar. We can buy your original iPad 1 all the way up to the 4th generation iPad Pro. Prices range, but on the highest-end models, we’re talking up to $1,000 back in your pocket.

We also offer up to $300 on the latest Apple Watches.

Not An Apple User? No Problem

We offer services for PCs and other devices as well. Here are just a few:

PC Repair

Just because you don’t own an Apple device doesn’t mean we can’t help you out. We serve a wide customer-base and have expert technicians that can get your PC back in working order for a fraction of the price to purchase new.

We start with general diagnostics. Are there any issues or hiccups with the physical system? We can check it out and make sure everything is plugged in and in the right place.

Next, we’ll remove any and all viruses, update your drivers and operating system, and get your PC back into working order.

Data Recovery and Removal

Everyone’s got data that needs to be protected. If your PC has an issue that prevents it from booting up and transferring, don’t fret. We have experience in these issues.

All issues regarding data and recovery are treated differently, on a case-by-case basis. Bring it in, and we’ll do everything we can to recover it.

Alternatively, if you have data you no longer need or want to be destroyed because you plan to sell your device, we’ve got you covered as well.

Best part? We’ll share any tips or advice on how you can perform these practices at home next time, if applicable. Some issues will always require a professional’s touch. For everything else, we hope to equip and educate our customers.

We Buy and Sell Used Android Devices

If you’re not an Apple user or are interested in switching to the Android ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.

We buy and sell the most popular Samsung and Google phones and tablets.

You can close to $500 back on a Galaxy Note10+, or up to $700 on the newest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Expect the same great offers for Pixel phones. We even buy the original Pixel 1s!

If you fall into this camp, don’t be afraid to check our online system for a rough estimate of what your phone is worth.

The Biggest Reasons to Support Local Business

Big businesses are shutting their doors. Small, local businesses, like us aren’t going anywhere. We’re committed to serving in and for our community now more than ever.

Personal, Convenient Service

With the help of our St. Louis community, we’ve managed to turn a rough year into an opportunity. We’ve opened our largest store in history to make serving you easier than ever.

That’s always our main goal! Because we’re local, we have a team you can get to know and trust. We’ll listen to your concerns and issues and make sure you have the best options available regarding your device.

Your Money Continues to Benefit St. Louis

Supporting our locally owned and operated St. Louis business means that more money stays in the St. Louis economy.

A study found that for every dollar spent at a big-brand store, a paltry 14% of that revenue stayed in the local community. The same study concluded that shopping at a locally owned store retains nearly 50% of the revenue for the community.

That helps all of us, here in St. Louis.

Worried About Apple Stores Closing? We’ve Got You Covered

With Apple stores closing, we’ve consolidated into the best one-stop-shop for Mac and iOS devices in the St. Louis area. We’re a group of local experts that offer Certified Technicians for iOS and Mac devices.

Give us a call for repair quotes, info on our current stock of Apple devices, or just for questions regarding your devices. We’re happy to help.

Our new location features a full-service drive-thru so you can safely drop off or pick up products and repairs. We now have reduced wait times since we are all in one location with extra staff. Come check us out at 14751 Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO 63011

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Zach Sansone
14751 Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO 63011

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