Techni-Calm Reflex Presents: A Unique Therapy That Can Repair Broken Bones Effectively, Demonstrated on a Female Paraplegic


Centennial, CO, September 17, 2020 --( Darlene Vouama R.C.S (Certified Reflex Correction Specialist) is the founder and owner of Techni-Calm Reflex. Several years ago, Darlene Vouama trained in learning about the reflex points system, and throughout the years Darlene Vouama has received several certifications in the study of the reflex points system. And during Darlene's training, she discovered something unique about the reflex points system that the world did not realize. So, Darlene Vouama spent over 8 years in research. There were several tests, analyzing, and examining the reflex points system of many individuals. And what Darlene Vouama discovered was mind-blowing.

The Reflex Points System is an easier way to heal, repair, strengthen and upgrade anyone's body from an old or new injury naturally and correct the body for better optimum performance.

Techni-Calm Reflex's concept for the reflex points system is simple and when people see the results, they are speechless and astonished.

Darlene Vouama also discovered that the reflex points are generally the first to go out of balance during an injury. And the reflex points naturally control your anatomy system effect during an accident or fall, and the reflex points will also determine the outcome of the damage. If your reflex points are weak, your injury will generally be chronic; if your reflex points are strong, your injury will generally be non-existent to mild. And recovery is relatively easy.

Darlene Vouama's subject was a female paraplegic. The female paraplegic had fallen and the physician diagnosed her with a comminuted fracture of the distal femur. This type of fracture is a breakage of the femur bone into more than two fragments. The female paraplegic's physician requested surgery. The client did not want to receive the insert of metal rods and screws, which can successfully reconstruct the broken bone pieces.

The female paraplegic informed her doctor she wanted to try an alternative, and her physician placed a brace on her leg to keep her leg straight to prevent further damage. Techni-Calm Reflex's client and her physician agreed to allow him to monitor the client's progress weekly. And if the physician saw no improvement, the client would agree to receive the surgery. The female paraplegic agreed. The doctor instructed her not to bend her knee because the acute fracture could cause complications for her.

The female paraplegic contacted Darlene Vouama at Techni-Calm Reflex and the process began. The reflex points Therapeutic Foot Correction technique was applied to the femur reflex point only (not the actual site where the injury occurred.) The injured area was never touched. And the rapid progression of repair through the femur reflex point and indirectly to the femur bone began. The female client's leg remained straight as her physician instructed, but this also allows interconnection from the femur reflex point to the actual femur bone to heal.

The client had two physicians monitoring her progress, and one of her doctors said she was growing new bone. Usually, in a person with paraplegia, the bones are quite frail. You can view the before and after x-rays of how successfully correcting a damage reflex point from an injury can make such a huge and positive impact on the human anatomy broken bones to mend itself correctly naturally.

The client physician monitored her for several weeks after the bone's natural repair process occurred through the reflex points.

Paralyzed individuals have weaker bones and a higher risk of bone fractures than expected. A person with a spinal cord injury has immediate bone loss in the paralyzed limbs. So, any form of injury is generally worse.

The reflex points that correspond to the injured site allow for multiple repairs to occur naturally, and the human anatomy immediately follows the reflex points direction to optimum performance.

Techni-Calm Reflex is excited to share this information with the consumer and have given the reflex points system actual value and respect.

There are reflex points for every organ part and system and as long you correct that reflex point, you will have quality results. Recovery is generally fast from an injury and the results can be maintained for the long term.

At Techni-Calm Reflex, Darlene Vouama has worked with injury issues concerning nerves, muscles, bones, the brain, scar tissue, and damage cells reflex points successfully, and much more. The unique Therapeutic Foot Correction technique when working with the reflex points will be the upcoming new trend.

Warning: Techni-Calm Reflex does not use reflexology massage therapy to correct the reflex points system. There is an additional option for a reflex points massage to keep your reflex points system healthy and less congested.

Not many people have had a reflex points exam. Call today and schedule an appointment. Darlene Vouama can detect weak reflex points during the exam and offer suggestions to strengthen your reflex points to prevent futuristic injury challenges. As well as correct weak reflex points already in the activity of imbalances.

Techni-Calm Reflex can get professional athletes off the reserve list faster by correcting and strengthening your reflex points system, so that they may return to the game with competence.

Military individuals are encouraged to experience Techni-Calm Reflex Therapeutic Foot Correction therapy. Military discounts are also available.

Reflex Corrective Therapy (Therapeutic Foot Corrections) has held positive results for 10 years. Darlene Vouama has estimated that a corrected reflex point can maintain its healthy position for a maximum of 20 years and provide quality body movement.

Techni-Calm Reflex is a sports insurance dream come true. And a great support system for the postoperative care of an injury. Techni-Calm Reflex would enjoy partnering with rehabilitation therapy centers as well.

Techni-Calm Reflex is ready to go to the next level and offer free research therapy to individuals with Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Call or email Techni-Calm Reflex to sign up. This offer is for a limited time.

Go to Techni-Calm Reflex website: and check out the videos and photos.

Below is a photo of a different bone issue of an individual with kyphosis in her back when the client backbone reflex point was corrected, the hump in the client's back, and has not returned.

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