Does this evolutionary Telecoms Technology spell “the end” for VoIP use for tech savvy SaaS businesses?

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A new disruptive technology launched by Riptec Ltd, the UK’s premier telco challenger is causing waves by transforming the way SaaS sales teams; operate internally, work remotely, present themselves to the world & increase sales. ConXhub is a highly unique piece of mobile patented technology that gives SaaS business users all the features of a desk-bound VoIP system, yet the total telecoms freedom of using only a single mobile phone.

It allows users to have unlimited numbers on one phone and to flawlessly communicate with clients, prospects, and colleagues, anytime and anywhere in the world. Clients make sales calls with the highest quality, while presenting any telephone number they choose. Tech savvy entrepreneurs and SaaS businesses are downloading Conxhub in their thousands because it can make even the smallest business look like a well-established multinational corporation with offices around the world.

No more Dropped calls.

SaaS businesses are enjoying increased pick-up rates & are making far more sales, simply by displaying a local call number when making an outbound call. This plus the crystal-clear call quality (essential on sales calls) and being cellular, means it’s a hit with SaaS companies making international calls and to B2B business users everywhere.

Speaking about being the only “mobile” alternative to the outdated VoIP solutions which have dominated the telecoms industry for over 20 years, Mark Trowbridge, founder and CEO of Riptec Ltd commented

“The ConXhub team has taken telecoms into the 21st century by identifying all the communication tools SaaS business used to need, or desire, and we’ve built them around the Mobile Cellular Network. We have taken the traditional PBX switchboard and completely re-engineered it, reinventing communications architecture, building an entirely new, highly scalable and totally agile stack.”

ConXhub has all the features of VoIP on a mobile phone. These key features are essential and needed to empower and enable the modern mobile sales force to communicate, collaborate, and connect via any mobile device; and from any location globally.

“Re-engineering some of the most in-demand features, like Call recording, Transfers, Missed Calls and CRM integration, has helped us develop and create a far better, easier way of working for any modern business. COVID-19 & remote working hasn’t phased our clients one bit. In fact, they’ve actually grown.”

With an expansive selection of mobile and local phone numbers from over 9,000 cities and 60 countries worldwide, the aim is to provide a secure Telecommunications solution designed for individuals and teams of any size, anywhere in the world.
Access to this kind of technology used to be expensive, but ConXhub is committed to making its enhanced communications tools available to any SaaS entrepreneur, or to any tradesman, freelancer or the traditional multi-national corporation for that matter.

“One of our clients has over 20,000 call profiles on each of their agent’s mobile phones. They can use just one personal mobile – yet call out, from any one of the 20,000 numbers they choose displaying that number on the recipient’s phone as an inbound call, and they can call any-where globally, any-time without worrying about finding a decent WiFi connection.”

ConXhub comes in incredible packages that are not found anywhere else in the market. And with these kinds of features, ConXhub provides more convenience, greater savings, and growth opportunities for any business.

CEO Mark Trowbridge added:

“Yes, ConXhub is a highly valuable piece of kit. It will absolutely save you money, improve your efficiency, enable growth and give you a host of other benefits. But, we have kept pricing to a minimum and instead of charging extra for all the nice bits, we have put it all together into one neat bundle.”

To set up your virtual office (via a local phone number) or try ConXhub risk-free for a month, Visit:

About Riptec Ltd.

Riptec Ltd is the UK’s premier telco challenger, a disruptive/dynamic provider of industry leading innovation, products and services to those who demand more. For the last 35 years, it has developed bespoke CRM, business & communication systems for small and large corporations alike including; Embassies, U.S. Dept of Defense and Shell Oil.

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