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Date: December 1, 2015
To: All Employees
Re: Brent Saunders Discusses Pfizer + Allergan Combination on CNBC’s Mad Money 

Last evening, Brent Saunders appeared on CNBC’s business television program Mad Money with Jim Cramer. In the feature interview, Brent discussed some of the many benefits of our proposed combination with Pfizer, including our complementary commitments to R&D, strong global footprints and world-class portfolios in key therapeutic categories.

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Mad Money: Brent Saunders Interview

November 30, 2015


Jim Cramer: Last week we learned that the much-discussed Allergan/Pfizer merger is really happening. With owners of Allergan getting 11.3 shares of Pfizer, for every 1 share of Allergan. Even though I think this is a very smart deal—Charitable Trust owns Allergan—one that will give Pfizer a tremendous pipeline of new drugs along with a lower Irish corporate tax rate, the market initially seemed pretty skeptical. Allergan’s stock initially selling off as investors wonder what’s in this for them, since then Allergan rebounded but there’s still a lot questions how this transaction will reward the company’s shareholders given that Allergan has so much going for it on its own. Stock got hammered today down nearly 6 bucks. However, I think we’ve got to remember that Allergan CEO, Brent Saunders, has done a tremendous job creating value and wouldn’t have agreed to do this deal if he didn’t think it was a good one. Let’s go straight to the source and check in with Brent Saunders, the bankable President and CEO of Allergan in order to get a sense what his company’s future looks like after being bought by Pfizer or merging with Pfizer, depending how you feel. Mr. Saunders, welcome back to “mad money.” Good to see you Brent.

Brent Saunders: Thanks for having me.

Cramer: Have a seat. I have to tell you, tremendous respect for what you put together, mostly because you made a fortune for people. My first reaction was like I want Brent and I want Pfizer, Brent gets me to 400, because he has traced out an amazing vision for Allergan, particularly when the balance sheet gets better from the Teva money or a prop 7 acquisition of your own. Why do I like this deal more than Brent Allergan?

Saunders: I think this a great opportunity for our shareholders. The way I like to think about it, it is taking our growth pharma engine and putting it on a larger chassis called Pfizer. And look, we could have gotten into 400 on our own but this takes us well beyond that for the foreseeable future. And so the deep pipeline of Pfizer, the combination of the global footprint and the strength in areas like immuno-oncology and vaccines makes this a powerhouse in biopharmaceuticals.

Cramer: At the same time, your franchises, aesthetic, dermatological, GI, women’s health, neurology, unassailable franchises. Why would I get excited about Pfizer’s vaccine business or anti-cancer business when I see such great growth and, by the way, I see the incredible, you know, the proposals that you do about the way you grow pharmaceuticals, so different from traditional Pfizer.

Saunders: Yeah, but look, Ian Read the last four years has done a remarkable job of transforming Pfizer. He has done things like the Zoetis spinoff, Capsugel, he has really revamped their entire R&D approach and very productive looking at immuno-oncology vaccines, rare diseases, and when you think about it from an Allergan shareholder perspective, you get these great franchises, in eye care, aesthetics, GI, and now you merge them with leading franchises in CNS and immuno-oncology, one of the hottest areas in pharmaceuticals, rare diseases and vaccines. Now you have all the top growth markets, not just a few of them but all of them.

Cramer: Does he embrace open sciences, which you have made us feel is such a difference maker for Allergan?

Saunders: He does. And what makes our open science model even more formidable in this combination is you get really strong discovery capabilities with a mindset of open science. In fact, Pfizer announced today with Heptares for some really interesting early molecules, they are doing open science already.

Cramer: Now, let’s look at what you get if you own shares. you get a pretty big chunk, 44% of the company, even though the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization is not nearly as big as Pfizer, in that way, you did pretty good for shareholders.

Saunders: Well I think it’s a great deal for our shareholders, you get some rough numbers, 44% ownership in the pro-forma company. You contribute roughly about 25% of the revenue. And roughly around 30% of the earnings before interest and tax and amortization.

Cramer: Okay. Well we have the possibility, you look at what they did with Zoetis, Pfizer has a history of creating value within value, Pfizer made another acquisition on its own, you’ve made acquisitions, could there be multiple companies buried within where lots of value could be brought out?

Saunders: Absolutely. I think that’s one of the future options for more value creation. You have an innovative business combined with Allergan that now is, I think, the most exciting dynamic biopharmaceutical company in the world, for all the reasons we just discussed. You have an established products division that really is like a consumer company around the world, sounding branding generics, in 2018, we will make a decision around splitting those and if we do, what another opportunity to create value for shareholders.

Cramer: Cash flow?

Saunders: Cash flow, very strong, talking about $25 billion roughly in 2018.

Cramer: Possibility, I know the board has to decide that Pfizer’s dividend could always be boosted, tremendous — some of that tremendous cap space.

Saunders: Absolutely, they have been very committed to the dividend. If you look at the track record under Ian Read they consistently have increased that dividend year-over-year, I expect the dividend policy to mainly stay intact. Obviously, a question for the board of directors but should stay intact.



Cramer: One point, I was hoping when you got that 40 billion in you could take a look at a giant biotech that is underperforming and maybe buy that, that has to be off the table.

Saunders: We did look at that.

Cramer: You did?

Saunders: We looked at what else could we do, actionability aside, whether we could have done it or not, somebody would have agreed. I believe strongly that the innovative business, combining Allergan with the innovative business of pharma is the best marriage for Allergan shareholders versus doing some other deal. This becomes a powerhouse of innovation in the biopharmaceuticals.

Cramer: Some people have told me the reason why Brent had to do that is because in a political environment, charged environment, he can no longer raise prices and do the things that he was doing with — before Allergan and that game’s over so he gave up.

Saunders: No, absolutely not. Nothing wrong with our business. Nothing wrong with the business model. And nothing wrong with the environment, we were always responsible price takers. You and I talked about the social contract.

Cramer: Many times.

Saunders: We believe we had.

Cramer: Although you can and did have the right to raise Botox because that is not part of the social contract.

Saunders: It’s the best deal in medicine.

Cramer: Botox, in a totally cosmetic way, you had every right to raise prices, I know you have and have been taking share, I believe, from Valeant because of the problems at Valeant.

Saunders: Absolutely. And look, we have been responsible price takers, Botox therapeutically is the best deal in medicine, aesthetically, priced the same, so we are very cautious about raising price there because consumers pay out of pocket.

Cramer: Now, last thing, is Brent Saunders gonna stay?

Saunders: Absolutely. And not only am I staying, but all the reports around the kind of money that I may make and whatnot, I’m rolling all my stock into Pfizer stock, not cashing out one share or one option. I’m all-in ‘cause I’m a believer.

Cramer: Alright there you go. That’s Brent Saunders, President and CEO of Allergan. Charitable Trust owns it. We are holding it. Count me a believer too.




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